Marathon running excludes all runners with a history of doping!

A medium-sized marathon event has taken a drastic step in the fight against doping.

The 2023 Detroit Free Press Marathon in Michigan will not allow runners with a history of doping to compete. This also applies to all athletes who have already served their doping ban.

In principle, athletes are allowed to take part in competitions again after the doping ban has expired. The duration of a ban, usually two to four years, is not a major deterrent for many top athletes. That’s why the Detroit Free Press Marathon wants to go one step further.

Sanctions also for coaches

No athletes who have received a doping ban in their career will be admitted to the marathon on October 15, 2023. In addition, athletes who are supervised by coaches and managers who have or have had at least two athletes under contract who have received a doping ban of at least four years will not be admitted.

Why these measures?

The reason for these measures: I won the Detroit Marathon 2022 Mary Beasley (2:42:25 hours) a former doping offender. She definitely won’t be defending her title in 2023.

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