Marc Brunel Recruitment goes to the United States by confirming new California-based consultancy at

Following years of remarkable achievement in the UK since its launch in 2016, Marc Brunel Recruitment will break into the United States in 2022 in response to the demand for US automotive recruitment support. Along with its UK headquarters and expanding its unprecedented recruiting services to US-based automotive candidates and clients.

California, a well-known and growing hub for the automotive industry, is a conscious and deliberate choice for Marc Brunel Recruitment as it seeks to support its international base of clients and candidates. In the past, it was home to America’s auto manufacturing giants, and now, with progressive auto tech companies in the Golden State, aspiring candidates wanting to grow their automotive careers, and clients wanting to find the perfect employees to fill their vacant positions. , you will greatly benefit from the personalized services of Marc Brunel Recruitment.

Akash Cheeda, Founder and Principal Consultant at Marc Brunel Recruitment, said: “We [Marc Brunel Recruitment] We are very excited about our move into the American automotive recruiting market. It will give us the ability to communicate directly with our international clients and understand exactly what they need while being present and able to help them in real time. Obviously the time difference between the UK and the US has in the past made it quite difficult to ensure that communication between the two places is possible, let alone seamless, so for candidates seeking automotive careers internationally, we are now in a much better position to do so. Of course, it also opens up a much wider network of vacancies and candidates, which means that we will be able to serve and help many more people.

“This move is a huge step forward for us here at Marc Brunel Recruitment, however we believe it is essential to move on to bigger things and continue to evolve. US-based clients and candidates are a great natural fit for us, and with our extensive knowledge of the field and experience, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Striving to fulfill its mission of providing quality, personalized services tailored to the specific needs of each client and candidate, the launch in California, USA, gives Marc Brunel Recruitment the opportunity to be much more efficient in the future with international clients and candidates.

Marc Brunel Recruitment’s current client list includes GTO Engineering, Kingsley Re-Engineered, Lunaz Applied Technologies, Nicholas Mee & Co, Tuthill Porsche and many others. Its founder, Akash Cheeda, is also a member of the USA Piston Foundation, whose goal is to help students take their first steps toward a career in the automotive industry.

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