The young Bravos de Margarita catcher, Omar Moya, signed a contract with the Arizona Rattlesnake organization, to continue taking firm steps at the beginning of his professional career.

“We are happy to have signed him, a young man from Margarita who has excellent defensive skills, a very good arm and, apart from that, he is an excellent hitter, who shows power. Without a doubt, he will be one of the players in which we have the best prognosis and we expect a better performance in the future”, said Francisco Cartaya, Latin American CrossChecker of the major league organization.

The native of La Rinconada (Antolín del Campo municipality), did not hide his emotion when taking this important step: “It is a great satisfaction to know that what started from a very young age as just a game, already, at this stage of my life, when I’m about to turn 17, it’s my job, my profession. I have to fight day by day, keep doing my job,” he said.

For his part, the manager of the islanders, José Manuel Fernández, expressed his pride at the important achievement of the insular prospect: “We are very happy for Omar (Moya) and the other Bravos de Margarita players who made their signatures official with organizations. We wish you the biggest suceed”.

Moya made it clear: “Just as I said when I signed with Bravos de Margarita, that I will be a Bravo on and off the field, now I say it again with the Arizona Diamondback: I am going to be a Diamondback on and off the field.”

With a broken voice, he also said: “Thank you very much to all the staff of the Margarita MB13 academy; To my parents, without them I would be nothing. Thank God always, I am very happy for this goal, this is just the beginning”.

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