Marie Kraymbreri told if her parents supported her at the start of her career

Popular Russian singer Mari Kraymbreri during interview Laysan Utyasheva shared her childhood memories and talked about her path to fame.

Here is what was the first step in her vocal career:

– At the age of 16, I learned to use the built-in voice recorder on my laptop. I downloaded a free program for processing – there were no funds for a paid one. And so my first “demos” appeared.

Speaking about the support from her parents, the girl said that she had always had an excellent relationship with them, but the choice of her daughter was unexpected for them:

– I am sure that people who live with childhood resentment towards their parents do not find happiness in life. I look at my dad and understand that he was wrong more than once. But I don’t want him to live, and looking at me, he was ashamed. I did everything so that he looked at me, felt pride and love. And I didn’t think that he let me down in some way. And it’s such a great feeling. We live in a time when there are more trainings than live work for people. Our parents and grandparents grew up differently. Now we are all so wise and conscious – this has become a trend. Then it was different. And so it didn’t fit into my father’s lifestyle a la home – work – home that the girl decided to make music. Dad wondered how I would earn if I didn’t get married. With such installations they lived. But at the same time, I do not condone stories where there are aggressive parents – the artist shared her thoughts.

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In her song “Airplane”, a video for which was recorded together with Khabensky, the singer raised the topic of fathers and children, inattention to children by adults. She admitted that after the premiere of the video, her father wrote her a message: “You’re doing great!”

– It was the most pleasant phrase from him, – the artist added.

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