Mario Vaquerizo, Alaska or Vicky Martín Berrocal… celebrities surrender to Rosalía in Madrid

MADRID, 21 Jul. (CHANCE) –

Well-known faces attended the second concert in Madrid of Rosalia in this wonderful tour that the artist is carrying out. Vicky Martin Berrocalhis daughter Alba Diaz and his sister Rocio, Joe Perez Uribe, Samantha Hudson o Isabel Diaz Ayuso They don’t miss the singer’s show at the Wizink Center in Madrid and they smile from ear to ear to see the artist.

The president of the Community of Madrid, upon her arrival, was most attentive and close to the people of Madrid, in fact she did not hesitate to take dozens of photographs, even helping some with their mobile phones.

Secondly, Alaska y Mario Vaquerizo They enjoyed the Rosalía concert in Madrid as a couple and dedicated some nice words to her: “Admiring Rosalía, an international star and admiring a very humble person who does things well and that is Rosalía.”

The couple, close friends of Bethlehem Estebanis very happy to see how the collaborator resumes her life after the accident she suffered, since she attended the day before to see her friend on stage: “Yes, I have talked to her, we are friends. There is no better time to make the first start.”

We could also see around the concert Anne Igartiburu And your daughter Noah. Demonstrating the complicity that mother and daughter have, the television presenter wore a smile on her face as she enjoyed a most special summer plan.

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