Mario Vaquerizo made the confession that silenced Alaska

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 9/1/2023 · 02:03 hs

Mario Vaquerizo He is one of the most beloved personalities in the local area. She immediately rose to fame for the ‘reality’ that he performed with his wife, the singer Alaska. In the last hours, she made a confession that paralyzed everyone.

Mario Vaquerizo He did an exclusive interview for “Europa FM” where he talked about his beginnings in music and also his time at journalism school. His first contact with the world of media, but also his bad times with Alaska.

Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska. Source: (Google).

The artist revealed that he had a problem with his partner and it almost ended in a breakup. Turns out, he had been away for a day and I didn’t tell him. “It made me reconsider and realize that there are things that should not be done”he claimed.

Mario Vaquerizo. Source: (Google).

In addition, Mario Vaquerizo denied having an open partner with Alaska. “we have a common universe, but also, our own worlds, in which the other necessarily participates. Which doesn’t mean we’re an open couple,” he explained.

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo. Source: (Google):

“It doesn’t mean we’re an open couple.”

What did Alaska say?

About the problem with Mario Vaquerizo that almost ends in separation. Alaska indicated that this was a matter of routine. “Coexistence is difficult, but you are in love, so it makes up for everything. Everything is overcome as long as you love the other person,” she said.

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