Market ideas # 9 – JOHN PETTY

Sexton’s companion of raids in his first year in Alabama, he never managed to consecrate himself as absolute leader after the farewell of the most illustrious colleague. His qualities cannot be argued: always a pleasure to see him cut to the basket to close in a spectacular way and he is reliable as a long-range shooter (38% at a collegiate level) but he has not been able to add much more. Decent ball handling but struggling to get on his own and when he tries he generates a few too many losses, in rebound he uses his body to make himself useful while in defense he reveals empty passes that arouse concern and at the moment they keep him away as 3 & D spendable in the NBA. Now he is at the famous crossroads: will he continue his American dream hoping to find a place on some roster or will he consider the European option where with his athleticism he will certainly be able to aspire to greater responsibility? If he chooses the second option, be ready


Date of birth: 03/12/1998

Height: 196 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Season 2021/22: Birmingham Squadron (G-League)

Games Played: 44

Average Points: 8,3

Average Rebounds: 4,4

Media Assist: 1,8

T2: 38,2%

T3: 34%

TL: 88,9%

Average minutes: 26

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