Marketing: Dispute between Facebook and Australia “level up”

The dispute between the Australian Government and Facebook over the remuneration of publishers who make their way with their news on the largest social network in the world becomes more angry. Simon Birmingham, Australian Finance Minister, confirmed on Monday on Radio National that the executive of which he is a part would halt the advertising campaigns initially planned on Facebook.

According to ABC, The Australian government’s decision to advertise Facebook will result in a hole of A $ 10.6 million (about € 6.8 million) each year in the coffers of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Last Thursday Facebook made the determination to block the possibility that Australians could view or share news on their domains. Since February 18, neither Australian users nor media can share news on the social network.

Australia has no intention of moving one iota from its position

The company used such a controversial procedure to enforce its opposition against a bill by the Australian Executive which aims to force platforms like Facebook and Google to pay publishers who distribute their content on their channels. In this way, Australia intends to ensure that the distribution of advertising revenue generated by such content is shared somewhat more equitably.

Birmingham has called the blockade imposed by Facebook “inappropriate” and has accused the social network of wanting to influence “democratic systems.” “We will not tolerate it,” stressed the minister. The Australian Government has no intention of deviating from its bill despite the stones thrown in the way by Facebook, the minister has reiterated.

For its part, Google, which is also logically concerned with the new law that is currently being developed in Australia, has chosen to reach small agreements with Australian publishers. The Mountain View company has already struck a deal, for example, with News Corp, the company of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.



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