Martha Bárcena to represent Mexico at Biden inauguration

Mexico.- Mexico’s Emeritus Ambassador to the United States to step down to retire Martha Bárcena, will be in charge of representing Mexico at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, the Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

Roberto Velasco, The Director of External Relations of North America said the Ambassador will represent our country.

“For the United States, historically, its tradition has been to invite only the ambassador of the country who is accredited to WashingtonIn that case, of course, who would represent Mexico would be Martha Bárcena, ”he said.

He clarified that they are awaiting the approval of the United States to accept Esteban Moctezuma as ambassador, so he is still in charge of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP).

“This is something that President-elect Biden’s transition team is aware of, it is an interstate process with governments in power,” Velasco said.

He clarified that there are 705 independent professional service providers with type A-2 visas which are about to expire in 8 months, of which only 139 have been identified with possibilities of regularization of their situation, he was so informed that a diplomatic note will be sent in an attempt to help other service providers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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