Marvin Bagley injured in the hand, long absence to come?

Everyone wished each other health under the mistletoe for 2023, unfortunately the omen will not be effective for everyone, starting with Marvin Bagley III. Adrian Wojnarowski has just announced that the Detroit player had injured his right hand and should be out for a while. When it doesn’t want… it doesn’t want.

The year started for the best on the side of Marvin Bagley III. 29 minutes played against Wolves, for 18 points, 10 rebounds and a nice victory. However, it only took three days for the strong winger to be already removed from the field. An injury to the right hand and a return to the locker room after only eight minutes of play against the Blazers last night, and the verdict therefore tonight: the injury is more serious than initially expected. Adrian Wojnarowski talks about a “extended time“, which could well mean that Marvin will once again be out for a while.

As the final boss of the NBA insiders also indicates, other news on the injury are to be expected soon, Bagley being in the process of taking exams to determine the follow-up to be given to this ugly sore. Casually, dirty start to the season for the guy. After his four week absence at the start of the season, and after signing this summer on a 3-year, 37 million dollar contract, the dream scenario is taking the lead in the wing. He already has a long absence in the bag and another is potentially to come.

Occupying an important place in the Pistons project after an end to regular 2021-22 where he had finally found a place that suited him in Michigan, this new glitch casts a new veil of shadow over the rest of his adventure. As a reminder, Marvin Bagley III currently offers 10.6 rebounds, 5.9 assists and 0.7 against this season, for 25 games played including 13 in the five major.

Source : @wojespn, ESPN

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