Maryland Governor orders closure of non-essential businesses due to coronavirus – NBC Washington DC (44)

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has ordered the closure of all “non-essential” businesses starting at 5 pm this Monday. This includes all establishments that are not designated as critical sectors.

According to the federal government, critical sectors include food and agriculture, water, energy, finance, certain manufacturing, transportation, health services, defense, and more.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, health centers, gas stations, banks, food establishments and transportation systems will continue to operate. Here a complete list of sectors exempted from the order.

The official explained that the measures are necessary to protect the residents of the state and “save lives.” Hogan explicitly said that the state is not imposing a “stay-at-home” or mandatory quarantine order, but that police will enforce a ban on gatherings of 10 or more people.

“Unless you have an essential reason to leave your house, stay at home,” said Hogan, who in recent days has urged citizens to abide by social distancing to protect themselves from the disease and prevent other people from falling. infect.

Maryland has taken what the governor called “unprecedented action,” canceling school activities through March 27, banning gatherings of more than 10 people, and requiring food establishments to only offer takeout or delivery service. home. The state has also temporarily closed closed shopping centers and all entertainment venues.

Hogan also announced multi-million dollar grants and loans to be given to small businesses. These assistance may be used to pay essential bills, such as rent, and keep employees on the payroll.

The Maryland Small Business Covid-19 Relief Fund, of about $ 75 million, will provide working capital for small businesses and nonprofits with fewer than 50 employees, and the COVID-19 Relief Great Fund, of $ 50 million, will provide assistance. direct economic activity to nearly 10,000 businesses that have lost profits in recent weeks from the outbreak.

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For individuals, the state unemployment office is accepting applications for insurance. Residents can apply immediately after losing their job.

By Monday morning, there had been three deaths linked to covid-19 in Maryland, according to data from the Department of Health. A total of 288 individuals have been diagnosed with the virus.

Several states and localities across the country have taken additional steps to enforce the distancing, issuing “stay-at-home” orders or mandatory quarantine, including San Francisco and the state of Illinois.

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