Maryland high school employee ‘inadvertently’ sent sexually explicit photos to all students

The investigation will be conducted internally by the Prince George’s County Public School system.

Photo: Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images

A Maryland high school experienced an embarrassing moment when an employee accidentally sent sexually explicit photos to all studentsprompting the institution to issue an apology on Friday, school officials said.

The employee, whose identity has not been released, “inadvertently” sent an email to all the students with the compromising photos, Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School Principal Taryn Washington said in a statement. letter sent to the students’ relatives, Fox News reported.

After the embarrassing episode, school administrators tried to quickly retract the email sent; however, many people had seen the photos and shared them, Washington added.

“I ask that all students, as responsible online citizens, do not share the photos via email, social media or other means”Washington warned.

“Appropriate action has been taken with respect to the employee,” Washington said of who was responsible for the incident, but no further details about disciplinary action, if any, were released.

The letter also emphasized that a mental health doctor and school counselors were available to attend to any student requiring support: “We sincerely regret this incident”Washington said.

Meanwhile, the Prince George’s County Police Department, which was originally investigating the case, is no longer doing so, and no charges are planned, Fox 5 DC reported.

Nevertheless, the investigation will be conducted internally by the Prince George’s County Public School systemaccording to reports.

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