Maryland: Paradise Falls

paradise falls it is the fourth disc of Maryland. Produced by the band itself, recorded by Pancho Suárez de Lis at the Planta Sónica II Studios in Vigo, and for which they again trusted Santi and Víctor García from Estudios Ultramarinos for the mixing and mastering. With To be born again as first advance. They give continuity be reason, The Golden boy y my childish empress.

“We wanted to create an album from which it would be difficult to distinguish a flagship single, like the albums we listened to in the nineties that did not let up from start to finish, where the songs took us on a trip to those coveted ‘Paradise Falls’. A trip that three important protagonists perform for us and that through the songs that make up the album make us part of that very special journey until we reach that paradise”.

For the design of the album they once again had Nuvi & Exfico.

Formats: limited edition white vinyl and digital.

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