Masochism: Amazon employees voted against the union

The vote sparked sympathy for Amazon employees in the media around the world. Too much has already become public about the poor wages and working conditions. Even US President Joe Biden has signaled that he supports the formation of a union at Amazon. Everything seemed clear to the idealists in this world.

But the attempt to establish a union at the world’s largest online retailer in America failed last week.

After the counting of the votes of employees in a distribution center of the group in the state of Alabama, a clear majority is against the formation of such a union. In the model vote, there were 1,798 votes against a union and 738 in favor. 5,800 people are employed at the site. Around 3,200 abstained from voting.

Observers analyze that the Internet company was too successful with its prevention strategy. Various media unanimously wrote that Amazon fought against the union plans with an aggressive campaign and tried to get employees in Alabama to vote accordingly.

But the last word may not have been said yet. The losing side wants to take action against the result. The trade union RWDSU, which Amazon employees have joined, has announced that it will file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is responsible for labor law. She accused the online retailer of “illegal and outrageous behavior” during the campaign, for which he should be held accountable.

Amazon employs 950,000 people across America and hired several hundred thousand additional people in the midst of the pandemic last year alone. The online retailer is the second largest private employer in the country behind the supermarket chain Walmart.

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Founder and main shareholder Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world with 179 billion US dollars.

In terms of character, the entrepreneur who keeps The Washington Post as a hobby and lets rockets go into space could also be seen as the poorest, says the Klein Report. Jeff Bezos’ net worth rose 12 million an hour during the 2020 pandemic.

Research has confirmed that the drivers of his delivery vans had to pee in bottles because the time for a real break was too expensive for their boss.

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