MASSACHUSETTS: Life imprisonment for murdered Dominican drug trafficker | AlMomento.Net

Yahia Mastouri and Joshua Sword

MASSACHUSETTS.- A drug trafficker who shot and killed a Dominican student in March 2019 in the Malden community was sentenced to life in prison.

Yahia Mastouri, 22, was convicted of second-degree murder and other charges in a three-week trial for the death of Jeury Batista, 23, during a botched drug deal.

Mastouri had met Batista to sell him a stash of marijuana for $2,000. Batista appeared with his girlfriend but in the transaction he was shot to death by Mastouri and his accomplice Josué Espada, who was accused of concealment.

Mastouri, who was a teenager when he committed the crime, will be able to apply for parole when he turns 18 after his sentence.


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