Massachusetts, the best state to find work in the US

The United States has one of the lower unemployment rates since 1969 (3.6%). However, it is easier to find a job in some states than in others.

The trend portal Wallet Hub determined that Massachusetts is he best state to find workafter comparing all 50 states and 33 key indicators, such as labor market strength, opportunity, and a healthy economy.

“Our data set ranges from the job growth and median income annual up to the average travel time”, they note.

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Best places to work

Massachusetts rises to the top of the list by having the best job market. It should be remembered that it has the best prepared graduates, from universities such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It also stands out in the first place of job growthabove states like Arizona and Nevada. Your total score is 71.88 on a scale of 100.

However, the entity with the highest average salary is Texasfollowed by Washington, North Dakota and Virginia.

Las lowest unemployment rates are in Hawaiii, Iowa and North Dakota. The professionals most satisfied with their work are in Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.

worst places to work

WalletHub warns that New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alaska are the states with fewer job opportunities.

Growth in the economy and employment is worst in Alaska, Wyoming, and New Jersey.

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Where to look for work in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts offers job opportunities in all sectors, including health and human services, transportation, IT, finance, housing, economic development, energy and environment, public safety, and education.

The state government has the online tool MassCareers to find work in the state. You have to create a user profile, upload your resume and then apply for vacancies. Click here.

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