Masters and Doctorate Scholarships at Indiana University-Bloomington

The French and Francophone Studies program at Indiana University-Bloomington is accepting applications for Masters and Doctorate programs for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Our Master and Doctorate programs are characterized by diverse and interdisciplinary studies of literature, cinema, and other French-speaking media, as shown by the research interests of our faculty, as well as our wide choice of courses. Our doctoral program in French is among the top 10 in the country according to the National Research Council. Recent seminars have included topics ranging from lyrical poetry around the Mediterranean from the Middle Ages, to questions of ethnicity in contemporary French cinema. Mentorship programs, wide range of programs, and our labor market placement results make IU-Bloomington an ideal choice for conducting your research in French and French studies.

Funding Opportunities: Indiana University offers competitive financial supports in the form of scholarships and teaching positions, full health coverage, a monthly stipend, as well as full tuition waiver. Our financial support is guaranteed for a period of 5 years, and our doctoral students often receive a sixth year of financial support through other scholarships offered by the university. We also offer an accelerated program leading to a doctorate for students who already have a Master’s degree.

The teaching staff – Guillaume Ansart (PhD Princeton): 18th century; the novel and political theory; Hall Bjørnstad (PhD Oslo): 17th century; relationship between literature, politics, philosophy; Vincent Bouchard (PhD Montreal / Paris III): Media and cultural studies; French-speaking cultures in Africa and North America; Brett Bowles (PhD Penn State): French and European cinema, politics, society, mass media; Alison Calhoun (PhD Johns Hopkins): theater and opera from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries; Margaret Gray (PhD Yale): 20th century; the novel in a socio-cultural context; Elizabeth Hebbard (PhD Yale): French and Occitan literature from the Middle Ages; manuscript studies; text and music; Eric MacPhail (PhD Princeton): Renaissance literature and humanism; Oana Panaïté (PhD Johns Hopkins / Paris IV): 20th & 21st centuries; francophone studies; literary theory; Nicolas Valazza (PhD Johns Hopkins): 19th century painting and literature; underground literature.

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Secondary Specialization Areas – The environment at IU-Bloomington facilitates cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies, and emphasizes diversity of perspectives. All our doctoral students pursue a minor (secondary specialization area) in research programs that are part of various institutes or centers such as the Institute of Medieval Studies, The Renaissance Studies Program, the Institute of European Studies. , the Center for 18th Century Studies, the Department of Theater, Theater and Modern Dance, Musicology, African Studies Program, Media Studies, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the School of World and International Studies, as well as in the French Linguistics program and the Italian Studies program.

Life in Bloomington – Bloomington is rich in a diverse, vibrant, and multicultural community, musical and artistic scenes, as well as a beautiful historic campus. IU-Bloomington is ranked 15th most beautiful university campus in the United States in the Best College Reviews of 2017. The city of Bloomington, for its part, is in 2019 among the 20 most liveable cities to live in according to Come see for yourself what Bloomington has to offer! When a candidate is accepted into the program, the university funds the candidate’s travel for a few-day visit to the campus.

Professional life after IU – Our French and Francophone studies program has an excellent job market placement rate for doctoral students. Recent placements have been made at Brown University, Baylor University, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Butler University, University of Michigan, Yale University, Franklin & Marshall College, Kenyon College, Davidson College, Dartmouth, and Principia College.

Submit your application! – Website:, Tel: (1) 812-855-1088,

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Coordinator of Master and Doctorate studies:,

Director of Master and Doctorate Studies: Professor Alison Calhoun,,

Deadlines for admission to fall 2022:

December 1, 2021 (foreign applicants); January 15, 2022 (applicants with US citizenship)


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