Match Robin Montgomery – Pemra Ozgen, tennis forecast from 12.05.22

Not even a day has passed before Robin Montgomery will again enter the court, because the next fight will take place on May 12, 2022 and its start in Moscow is scheduled for 12:00. The opponent in this meeting will be Pemra Ozgen, so tennis fans will have an interesting game, as they will be able to see two legendary representatives of this sport.

A low odd of 1.552 shows that Robin Montgomery is considered the favorite in this tennis confrontation, and a high quote of 2.355 proves that Pemra Ozgen is an outsider.

Despite the fact that in the last fight they managed to win, it is still clear that now Robin Montgomery is not in the best physical shape, so there was not enough strength to demonstrate a stable game that could be seen at the beginning of the season. The reason for this was a busy schedule, because in the last week I had to play four fights, and all of them turned out to be quite difficult, since none of them ended in an early victory. Since a little more than a day has passed since the last match, we can hardly expect that Robin Montgomery will be able to recover and show his best game. In addition, Robin Montgomery never has bright results on clay courts, because in her entire career she has not managed to win even a small tournament on slow surface, although there have already been several triumphs on hard courts. Robin Montgomery will try to win after the second set, but this is unlikely to succeed, given the level of his current opponent.

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Pemra Ozgen is considered by bookmakers as the favorite of this tennis match, but it will be very difficult to win. Pemra Ozgen is far from in the best shape, because at the beginning of the month there was a withdrawal from the tournament due to injury, after which another tournament was missed. So, now Pemra Ozgen will enter the court after almost a month of break, and since this will be the first game after the restoration, it is not a fact that he will be able to demonstrate his best tennis. And if we also take into account the fact that Pemra Ozgen always plays poorly on local courts, since he has never managed to go beyond the second round, then the status of the favorite turns out to be very conditional. The start of the season was very good, but it took place on hard, and Pemra Ozgen always performs much worse on clay, and it takes time to get back in shape after an injury. Pemra Ozgen is not always reliable on the back line during the exchange of blows.

Since Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen are not in the best shape right now, but still Robin Montgomery is generally performing better on this court surface, you can bet on winning with a handicap of +1.5 games.

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