material that gives identity to the constructions of La Laguna

The colloquial phrase “Rest making adobes”, more than meets the intentionality of the sense with which it is expressed. According to some experts, the pandemic and social distancing have forced us to return to the sense of life towards nature, towards inner work, lost for decades to technological advances. The return of the handcrafted and the organic has promoted new gastronomies, new habits, even resuming construction with materials that maintain harmony with the environment.

Proof of it is the adobe, an element that for years was used in the old constructions in La Laguna and that today is back.

“Adobe is a material that gives identity to the constructions of La Laguna. Since the lagoon region was born, there was no other material other than this; they are seen in buildings such as the Hacienda de La Loma, among other buildings ”, commented Humberto Torres Orduña, architect from LaSalle University, specialized in Bioclimatic Architecture.

He commented that the vision that must be had for construction must be very comprehensive, that is, in addition to considering the artistic, cultural and technical approach, one must think about the environment, nature, the environment.

“The town developed a spontaneous and creative architecture with materials from the regions,” he said. The materials that were used were taken from the earth and adobes were made.

In tropical regions where forests are abundant, wood is widely used for its insulating capacity, while in Alaska, ice is used.

Although the basic adobe recipe is simple: earth, clay, water and straw, it is molded into a size larger than a current brick and dried in the sun for at least three days. However, it is possible to make them with any type of soil and there is no exact formula for mixing the clay and sand; although the amount of the first will be around 30% of the total.

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“If we look at old photographs, in Torreón, Gómez Palacio, Lerdo, Mapimí, adobe predominates, although the economic capacity of some allowed its covering. In La Laguna there was nothing else but land, it was and is currently the ideal material to build in the region, although with economic development and the arrival of different ethnic groups, other materials were imported from other parts of the country and of the world ”, he highlighted.

However, he said, today the welfare of the people must prevail when using adobe, due to qualities such as its economy, its thermal properties, but more than anything ecological.

Build an emotional inner harmony

The benefits of adobe are not only limited to construction, harmony with nature and family comfort. Gerardo Ibarra Solís, in addition to being a promoter of various workshops, including the elaboration of artisan adobes, is the founder of the Estancia de Campo “El Cariño”, located in the ejido of the same name in Gómez Palacio, who comments:

“Building with earth is a more ecological, natural and sustainable proposal, using the elements that are at hand, with organic materials, avoiding paints with chemical compounds, drywall, blocks, which break with harmony”.

He said that the idea is to harmonize the type of construction with nature, resuming the global trend of going back to basics, simple, accessible, confirming comfort, well-being, good climate management in natural environments.

This he said is linked to a worldwide trend to return to organic and natural:

“It is an alternative response to temper the harmful effects of global climate change a bit. Leave the artificial materials, to use the natural ones, to create a more climatic environment. With rooms that do not consume energy, coolers, heating to modify the environment of rooms made of blocks, iron or panels and even to be able to build a house, a room with your own hands, based on its economy and capacity in tune with your environment. ”.

Among the therapeutic benefits, he said, it allows contact with the earth, humidity, the smell of wet earth, it allows channeling the energy into making an adobe, positively impacting, generating pleasure, stability, relaxation, investing in oneself with a more active activity. organic.

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Workshops for your production

Beyond the fashion of venturing into this artisan activity, it does not allow anyone to do so, as it requires decision, time and investment. “It is not an activity for everyone. The profile for this workshop is of people oriented towards the ecological, the natural, a simpler, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. People who want to build their own space ”.



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