Mathis Nayral and Pierre Doat join Cochise College


Publication } 09-01-2023

Two new players will join Mathis and Tanguy Meurant at Cochise College for the 2023/2024 season, while Mathias Lacombe will join Lafayette Louisiana in September 2023.

This will equalize this year’s record with Western Nebraska College which already has 4 players playing in the same college this year (Thibault Mercadier, Joseph Toubeaux, Firmin Hassed and Valentin Blanc Jouvan).

Pierre Doat and Mathis Nayral share their impressions with us.

How did you contact this organization and what were your steps?

Pierre Doat: I was able to make contact with Cochise College thanks to the connections of the FFBS which already has a good relationship with the manager for years and also thanks to the French players who have already passed through this organization. A few weeks after my showcase in Miami, I was able to obtain a very nice scholarship at Cochise College before the end of year celebrations.

Pierre Doat au 15e Power Showcase de Miami.
Can you explain your choice and your commitment to Cochise College?

Pierre Doat: First of all, Cochise College is a very good organization, which finished vice-champion in its region last season and which is ranked 16th among the best NJCAA D1 in the United States. It has also allowed certain French players to go further in their university career, such as Mathias Lacombe and Ismail Pontiac that I know, which is encouraging. I had very positive feedback from this team from Mathis and Tanguy Meurant, whom I will be able to find there next year in addition to Mathis Nayral.

How did your club career, the French team and Pole, help you get this opportunity?

Pierre Doat: My career in Pôle Espoir and Pôle France allowed me to develop as an athlete and to be physically ready to measure myself against American players. My club experience has enabled me over the past two years to face the best French level, which has made me progress enormously mentally; playing against adults is not the same as playing against players his own age. As a member of the France team, I had the responsibility of wearing the colors and the pride of my country. For the moment I have not been able to bring a title of champion to France and I intend, thanks to the experience that this adventure in the United States will bring me, to bring one back to them.

Pierre Doat au Power Showcase de Miami.
What are your goals for 2022/2023 in club, national selection and college?

Pierre Doat: For this season, of course, I would like to recover our French challenge title that we lost last season with Montpellier, but also to bring the team to the playoffs, which I could not play, because of my departure to the United States.

This year, if possible, wearing the colors of France again will make me proud, I obviously aim for a title of European champion.

Finally, in College, I would like to be among the team’s starters as a receiver and contribute to its success.

What are your longer term goals?

Pierre Doat: I hope to be able to advance as far as possible in university and then professionally. My ambition is to make a living from baseball. By going to play for Cochise College, I’m already taking a big step. Playing in MLB would be a dream, and that’s the dream I’m leaving for.

Who is your model player in France?

Pierre Doat: I was able to play a season against him, he has now retired: my example of a player in France is Andy Paz. First of all by his career, which I hope to be able to match, as well as by his attitude on the pitch. He is very calm and very serene. The most impressive being in his last season, he seemed impossible to eliminate. When I was behind the plate I didn’t see any throws throwing him off balance, and when he got right to first base I was almost satisfied. I plan to make sure no hitter leaves me feeling that way again.

Who do you want to thank?

Pierre Doat: First of all, I would like to thank my family who have always supported me and pushed me to become better, obviously it hasn’t always been easy but they are behind me. Then my club and my coaches who guided my first steps in baseball. Also, the federation which brought me a lot of help and experience during my career in the Pole and in the French team, and allowed me to have already set foot in the United States twice. She put me in good hands with Stephen Lesfargues, with within the Pôle France with Boris Rothermundt, Gerardo Leroux, Keino Perez, Nolan Soliveres, Lucas Gilet and many other supervisors with my teammates on a daily basis. I could not end my thanks without mentioning my coach, Jean-Michel Mayeur, who brought me a lot: especially the right mentality for a baseball player.

I make thanks for my departure in university but I intend to be able to redo more detailed ones for my arrival at the highest level of baseball.

Regarding Mathis Nayral, interviewed after his commitment to Southwestern College in April 2022, let’s take stock of what has happened since.

Mathis Nayral: Following this opportunity that Southwestern College offered me, I decided to sign without knowing if I was really ready to embark on this new adventure. I then thought a lot and realized that I had perhaps joined too quickly without having enough maturity and level of play. So I made the decision to stay one more year in France to better prepare myself.

Mathis Nayral with the French team in Tenerife.
How do you see the opportunity at Cochise College and being able to evolve with Pierre, Mathis and Tanguy Meurant?

Mathis Nayral: I am very happy and proud to have had this opportunity. I feared I made the wrong decision but in the end I have no regrets and I feel ready. The fact of evolving with Pierre Mathis and Tanguy will allow me to keep a comfort zone in this new environment, which will make acclimatization easier. It will also be a pleasure to be able to play in the United States with my friends.

Congratulations to Pierre and Mathis, place for other players also seeking to live this adventure with always the double sports and university project to return in May to represent his club and the French teams.

Meet on the dedicated page to follow French players who have worn the France jersey and are playing abroad.

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