Matt Ryan donates $ 100,000 to local charities

Falcons’ quarterback, Matt Ryan, is donating $ 100,000 to an Atlanta-based organization to help the corona virus break out.

Ryan’s donation will be shared equally between two charities: the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which provides food for the needy, and Giving Kitchen, which provides emergency food service staff.

“Obviously there is a lot going on with a lot of areas that need a lot of help and we certainly have a lot of friends in the restaurant and food industry here in Atlanta,” said Ryan in quotes provided by his public relations firm. “We thought Giving Kitchen was a unique and cool organization that helped different restaurants and people in the industry. We thought this would create awareness of one of the industries that will have problems during this time.

“The Atlanta Food Bank is obviously another organization that does a great job. Of course there is a great need for financing there. It made sense for us to make a small impact. “

Over the years, Ryan and his wife Sarah have been heavily involved in the community through the boys and girls clubs and fundraising for children’s healthcare in Atlanta.

“These places don’t get their typical income. Hopefully this will help workers get through a difficult time,” said Ryan. “We are not sure how long this will take or how slow it will be during this time. Hopefully we can help people survive the next week or two to cover their base.

“You have to be prepared for everything that comes up to you. While the offseason program is important to us, I think there are more important things in society that we have to take care of. I think this is the time here every head. “


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