Maura Healey becomes the first lesbian woman elected governor of Massachusetts | News

Maura Healey is officially the first woman and candidate openly gay to be elected to the office of governor in the State of Massachusetts. The 51-year-old Democrat beat Republican Geoff Diehl, dubbed by Donald Trump, in this state in the northeast of the country which had been led for 8 years by Republican Charlie Baker, who chose not to represent himself. She could be followed by Tina Kotek, also a lesbian candidate in Oregon.

What Maura Healey is planning

Elected a few years ago as first openly attorney general homosexual of the IT ISUnited States, Maura Healey has broken what is known in Massachusetts as the “Attorney General’s curse”. ” Since 1958, six former Massachusetts attorneys general have run for governor and all have failed “, noted Fox News. During her campaign, the 51-year-old Democrat pledged to expand job training programs, make childcare more affordable and modernize schools. She also said she would protect ” access to a abortion safe and legal in Massachusetts ».

But that’s not all, Maura Healey has taken on OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma and members of the Sackler family, accused of misleading patients and doctors about risks of opioidsa real health problem for IT IStats-Unis.

During her campaign, the Democrat warned that Geoff Diehl « would bring Trumpism to Massachusetts ». Indeed, the Republican was the co-chairman for the former president’s first presidential campaign. Donald Trump in Massachusetts.

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