Max Scherzer: this is the millionaire he has won so far in MLB

Max Scherzer he is probably the best right-handed pitcher of our time in the Major Leagues. Since its appearance with the Arizona Rattlesnakes In the season 2008, already showed signs that he would not have an ordinary career in this sport. Your Bonus Assignment 3 millions of dollars over there 2006 He was already telling us about a special guy, and that’s what this pitcher has proven to be at all times.

For that reason, today With the bases full We want to share with you the economic profitability that the 37-year-old pitcher has achieved thanks to his talent to this day.

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Max Scherzer and his first contracts:

After signing with Arizona for the sum that we mentioned before, he spent a couple of more years with the red wine team before leaving for the Detroit Tigers. In the Bengali team he manifested a great evolution that made him go from winning 1.45 million in 2009, to some 15.5 in 2014 when he became part of the Washington Nationals.

The golden age of Mad Max:

Even though he already had an award in his collection Cy Young, a Max Scherzer He had two goals to fulfill: sign a multi-year contract that would secure his future and win a World Series, and he would fulfill both in the capital of the United States.

With the Nats won the World Series from 2019, 2 Cy Youngs more and of course, a lot of money. The San Luis-born pitcher earned more than 15 million per year, in each and every one of the 7 campaigns that wore the colors of Washington.

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What the future holds for Max Scherzer:

After a short period in Los Angeles Dodgers During the last campaign Scherzer signed a 3-year contract 130 million of dollars with New York Mets, which will skyrocket your earnings in the future.

But, How much money has the right-hander who wears number 31 earned so far? The answer according to Spotrac is the next: 139.57 million of dollars.

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