Maxi Lopez set to participate in Birmingham FC takeover / England / Birmingham FC /


Let’s hope he doesn’t get the club robbed by Mauro Icardi.

Retired since last year, Maxi Lopez will not have stayed away from the world of football for long. At 38, the former striker passed (briefly) by Barca and AC Milan is part of a consortium which is preparing to buy the Birmingham club. “Today is a happy day for us and for all Blues fans. It’s our money. I worked for this for almost a year. I think it’s a big project. There is too much potential in this team.” said the Argentinian on Sky Sports.

In this financial operation, Maxi Lopez is associated with Paul Richardson, a local businessman who describes himself as a supporter of the club. Once in competition with former Watford owner Laurence Bassini, the two men have now entered into exclusive negotiations with Birmingham Sport Holdings, which currently owns the club. The takeover offer should amount to around 40 million euros payable in two years according to Mirror.

The equivalent of a Kylian Mbappé hock.

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