Maxim Ardelyan dies – director of the Taurian Games and the Golden Firebird Showbiz

2023 for the Ukrainian show business began with losses. The brilliant composer Sergei Krutsenko passed away, and director Maxim Ardelyan passed away on Christmas holidays.

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Honored Art Worker of Ukraine passed away in his sleep. Maxim’s death was reported by his wife Natalya Bogdanova, but she did not give reasons.

He loved to live to the fullest, to organize everything for everyone, to be in the center of events and to surprise. He did not change his principles and surprised us all for the last time. It was a dream for him and a cruel reality for others. Leaving at Christmas in a dream is a special grace and love of God. We continue to love and remember him. Until then, just let it go
the woman wrote.

Natalya added that the farewell to Maxim will take place on January 11 at 13:00 at the White Cemetery in the village of Belogorodka. Relatives of the late Ardelyan ask to bring only fresh flowers, because the man did not like anything artificial. Also, an evening in memory of Maxim Ardelyan will be held in Kyiv.

Died Maxim Ardelyan / Photo from Facebook Natalia Bogdanova

The artists remember Maxim Ardelyan and cannot believe that this brilliant director is no more.

  • Olya Tsybulskaya: “I recorded stories three times and I can’t speak normally. Our Max flew to heaven. The most large-scale musical, social, cultural events were under his warm heart and hand. Natalya, I hug you with all my heart.”
  • Svetlana Tarabarova: “I can’t pull myself together. Our friend, the incredible, talented, kind Max Ardelyan, passed away. Pain. Thank you for the light. You are with us forever.”
  • Nikita Dobrynin: “It was a very terrible night. A friend and an incredibly talented man passed away. Max Ardelyan.”
  • Natalya Karpa: “Just a shock.”
  • Potap: “Max, I love you so much. Where are you going? How are we without you? Rest in peace, my brother. You are a brilliant man. I don’t believe it. RIP.”

What artists say about the death of Maxim Ardelyan / Screenshots of instagram stories of stars

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