maybe storm Elliot will cross the Atlantic and reach us?

The victims were counted in the states of Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, New York, Colorado and Michigan, according to NBC News.

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Around 530,000 homes were also still without power on Saturday around 11:00 p.m. HB (against up to 1.5 million the day before), according to the site, particularly in Maine, where temperatures were largely negative.

This Elliott storm, described by some as a “cyclonic bomb”, is caused by the movement of cold air from the Arctic towards the Atlantic Ocean, whose air is much warmer. The result causes a drop in atmospheric pressure. A known and regular phenomenon, it is the intensity of this phenomenon that makes Elliott so exceptional.

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But can Elliott cross the Atlantic entirely and reach Europe? Our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws put the question to Jill Peeters, their weather specialist: “I don’t think the storm will cross the ocean completely,” she reassures. “In any case, it will not cause snowfall or cold weather for us in this way”.

What is certain, however, is that our weather, in Europe and Belgium, will be influenced by the storm: “Because of this storm, our atmosphere is completely disturbed, and we will notice it if we want to make forecasts in the long term, because these are more unpredictable than ever”.

Don’t panic, therefore, especially since in our country, the MRI does not predict any snowfall in the next 15 days.

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