McCarthy loses another vote for leadership of the House of Representatives but brushes the position after new endorsements


The Republican congressman from California Kevin McCarthy has lost this Friday the twelfth vote to lead the House of Representatives of the United States Congress despite achieving 14 new endorsements that bring him closer to the long-awaited figure of 218 supports to assume the position.

McCarthy has obtained 213 votes thanks to these new endorsements, compared to the four endorsements obtained by his main rival, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, and Ohio Congressman Kevin Hern’s three, according to the vote count collected by CNN. .

The 14 congressmen who have swung their minds to back the top Republican front-runner have been Dan Bishop (North Carolina), Josh Brecheen (Oklahoma), Michael Cloud (Louisiana), Andrew Clyde (Georgia), Byron Donalds (Florida), Anna Paulina Luna (Florida), Mary Miller (Illinois), Ralph Norman (South Carolina), Scott Perry (Pennsylvania), Chip Roy (Texas), Victoria Spartz (Indiana), Keith Self (Texas), Andy Ogles (Tennessee) and Paul Gosar (Arizona), the latter considered one of McCarthy’s most reluctant opponents.

Thus, McCarthy has been done for the first time in four days with more votes than the Democrat Hakeem Jeffries –who has 211 votes– although he still lacks the necessary ones to win the presidency of the House.

Sources close to the matter now assure that the Republican congressman needs the vote of one of the seven Republicans who continues to oppose his election to win a qualified majority. The figure will vary depending on how many deputies vote.

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is now the main obstacle to McCarthy’s victory but from McCarthy’s team, CNN sources explain, they expect their opposition to fade as more congressmen add their votes to the representative from California.

The four days of voting have paralyzed the activity of the House of Representatives and generated a legislative crisis unprecedented in more than 150 years.

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