McDowidt and Tricyte’s two-headed monster runs a desert clinic

“Of course, they only beat up the Arizona coyotes,” you might say.

But we faced, “Yes, but they did it with the entire left side of their defense on the disabled list, in the second games of the backpack.”

Then you can say, “Yes, Connor McDowidt and Leon took the Edmonton Oilers to the trio.”

To that, we face, “Uhhhhh…”.

After a tough night in Dallas on Tuesday, the Aylers kept their skin intact without losing two straight games all season and won 5-3 at Arizona. Edmonton was 15-5-1 in the first game and 16-5 in the second when Dave Debate became head coach.

Draisaitl and McDavid each scored two goals and four points on Wednesday, splitting 14 shots at the net at a desert clinic and achieving two milestones.

“Connor and Leon felt it tonight. It always helps, ”said Oils defender Tyson Barry. But every night the two of them are doing something. I don’t see them go slow at any time.

“It’s unbelievable,” Barry continued. “Tonight, in season three, they fly around the Outer Zone and have five chances in one shift. It’s great for the game. They are two boys, just entering their fray.

“The game run by those two is in a very good place.”

Two headed monster

Tippet put his first two players in the same row Wednesday, after a Tuesday night in Dallas, where the offense never happened. His answer: four goals and eight points combined with Triside and McDowid.

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How dominant are these two? Get the charge from these numbers:

Leading NHL Draisaitl by 19 games (40), goals (20), multipoint games (12), power play goals (10), goals to win games (6), points per game (2.11), Is points. In the road (19), goals in the third half (9) and points in the third half (18). He has scored 27 goals in the last 25 NHL games and 40 points in 19 games this season, making him the first player in Oils history to be named Wayne Gretzky, who scored 40 points before the 20 season. matches.

“He’s very good,” Tippett said, “because I know the other guy (Kredsky) is really good.”

Only five NHL players have scored 50 goals in the first 50 games this season: Gretzky, Lemieux, Maurice Richard, Brett Hull and Mike Passy. Without a doubt, Draysaitl could be the sixth.

“I think it’s a bit crazy to think that I’m going to score 50 goals in 50 games,” he said after Wednesday’s game. “Now the Bucks will attack me, but this is a tough league. I did not expect to reach that state ”.

Then there’s McDowid, who is the career assist number on a Jack Cassian goal. Rated 400. With Helper – Carrier Game Number. At 426 years old, McDowell became the fourth fastest player in NHL history to record 400 assists, behind Gretzky (290 games), Mario Lemieux (353) and Peter Stastney (411).

Proberg, brother

So what about Oilers about defender Philippe Proberk, now that they’ve seen him play three NHL games? With the injuries, Proberk’s snow time increased to 14:24, 18:59, 21:29 on Wednesday.

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At just 20 years old, Proberg skates like a young Jay Boomester; we are not throwing that comparison lightly. It measures six feet and three feet. Can Oscar Glebom one day become the player he was before his shoulder dropped?

What did Tippett first notice about the eighth overall pick in the 2019 draft?

“His skating and his balance,” Tippett began. “It is really remarkable. Skating has always been strong for him. But at the NHL level, balance and thinking have improved a lot.

Dibet Proberk feels like he’s adapted to the North American style and ring size since he last saw Defenseman. Time and space are the biggest adaptation when a European D-man crosses the pool.

“He didn’t get in trouble,” Tippett said. “In the European game, you have a lot of time on your own side, a lot of room to catch the winger. Here it is brilliant. On the blue line of aggression, win quickly

“There is still a lot of room for improvement, but it has progressed. We asked him to play some important minutes and he has done very well.

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