McGinn sours Chelsea’s premiere in Abu Dhabi

Graham Potter will have a lot of work ahead of him. Chelsea could not get the first victory of the World Cup break after facing Aston Villa in a friendly that took place in Abu Dhabi.

Those of Unay Emery they confirmed their good moment and they liquidated the ‘blues’ with a goal from McGinn in the 7th minute of the game. After a robbery in the center of the field, Watkins he left his defender for speed and spurred the scorer to beat Bettinelli.

Chelsea had in the following minutes an opportunity to score the tie through Numbersbut sent the shot to the palo, and the Aston Villa defense cleared. So they went to rest with the score in favor.

In the second half, both teams could have scored many more goals, but the great job by the goalkeepersas was the case with Olsenwho took a very hard shot from Lewis Hall, and from Bettinellywho took out a one-on-one against Watkins, meant that no more scores could be witnessed.

Aston Villa will face Villarreal on December 15, while Chelsea will not have, for now, any more friendly matches before the start of the championship, which will be on December 27 against Bournemouth.

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