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WASHINGTON, December 26. / TASS /. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (of Kentucky) intends to ask elected Republican Senator (from Alabama) Tommy Taberville not to oppose the presidential election at a joint meeting of both houses of the legislature to approve the electoral college vote. This was reported on Friday by the newspaper The Hill citing Deputy McConnell Senator John Tune (from South Dakota).

On January 6, at a joint meeting of both houses of Congress, chaired by Vice President Michael Pence, the results of the electoral college vote are to be approved. Under existing rules, only written objections filed by at least one member of the House of Representatives and one member of the Senate are considered. If at the next vote at least one of the chambers of the legislature speaks out against their position, the protest is not accepted.

Senate Republican leaders want to explain to Taberville that challenging the electoral college vote next month would be futile and “politically disruptive,” Thune said. At the same time, he stressed that “each senator will have to make his own decision on this issue.” “At least we need to know the plan [Табервилла]”, – added the Republican.

“I hope that in the end all senators will come to the conclusion that this election must be finished and it’s time to move on,” concluded Thune.

President’s request

US President Donald Trump is calling on Taberville, who won the GOP primaries largely thanks to the support of the head of state, to challenge the vote at a joint meeting of both houses of the legislature next month. The American leader previously said that he contacted Taberville on this issue, who, according to him, was enthusiastic about the proposal.

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An unnamed Republican senator told the publication that McConnell will try to convince Taberville that this is a “bad idea.” According to the senator, “the question is whether Taberville will listen to McConnell.” “If Trump asks him, I guess he will probably do it because he does not see the negative aspects [этого предложения]”, – said the source.

McConnell, Thune and Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee for the inauguration ceremony of the US President Roy Blunt (Republican from Missouri) urged their party members not to dispute the election results. At the same time, a member of the upper house of Congress John Cornin (Republican from Texas) expressed the hope that no senator would support this proposal.

Trump in Twitter criticized the appeal of Republican leaders in the Senate and threatened them with “the end of their political career.”

last try

A group of Republican lawmakers led by Congressman Morris Brooks (of Alabama) are set to make a final attempt to challenge the election results during an electoral vote at a joint meeting of both houses of Congress on January 6. Brooks intends to exercise his right to file a written protest against the approval of electoral votes from the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin. In addition, he needs to enlist the support of at least one of the members of the Senate. That could be Taberville. In this case, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and the Senate, where the Republicans have a majority, must suspend the joint meeting in order to separately consider and vote on the invalidity of the electoral votes from these states.

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However, as commentators note, the House of Representatives will vote against any initiative that calls into question the victory of President-elect Joseph Biden.

In the November general election, Americans elected a president and vice president, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the US Senate, governors of 13 states and territories. Trump still does not admit defeat, claiming that the Democrats, through various manipulations with the vote count, stole the victory from him.

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