Medicaid Announces It Will Cover Transportation Costs To COVID-19 Vaccines

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Arizona on Monday removed what had been a major obstacle to getting the COVID-19 vaccine to people enrolled in Medicaid.

The Arizona Medicaid program, which enrolls about 30% of the population in the state of Arizona, said Monday morning that it will cover the transportation costs of its members to and from COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

The transportation coverage, achieved through a temporary rate change, will make it easier for the 2.2 million Arizonans enrolled in Medicaid to get vaccinated, state officials said.

Since Arizonans enrolled in Medicaid are such a large segment of the state’s population, getting the vaccine to enrollees is critical to Arizona when it comes to having herd immunity, which occurs when enough people get vaccinated to prevent future pandemics.

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Health experts say they would like to have 70% to 90% of the population vaccinated, although the precise threshold for so-called herd immunity remains unclear in the fall of COVID-19.

AHCCCS enrollment has increased 16%.

Medicaid in Arizona is called the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System and is a government health insurance program for people with low incomes. The eligibility limits for the program are $ 30,305 in annual household income or less for a family of three. Enrollment in the program has increased 16% in the last year.

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