Meet Flo Milli, the Gen Z rapper from Alabama and Spotify’s fourth American RADAR artist

Streaming rapper Flo Milliand you’ll hear bubbly and assertive tracks simultaneously spanning the 21-year-old’s take on money, men, empowerment and jealousy. The Atlanta-based Alabama native, who grew up singing in her church choir, has been using her voice for some time. “It was mandatory for me to be in the choir,” said Flo. For memory. “My mother sang all the time, so did my sister. I guess I was the only one who wanted to rap.

Today, Flo was named Spotify’s newest US RADAR artist. Spotify created RADAR to help artists at all stages of their careers use the strength of our platform to deepen connections with their audiences. Now listeners can stream the 175 emerging RADAR-affiliated artists around the world in a single palace on the Hub mondial radar.

As the last RADAR artist, Flo will be on the RADAR playlist and create a Spotify Singles recording. She will also receive promotional support for her upcoming releases, a full suite of marketing and social promotion. Flo Milli’s campaign will also include an upcoming mini-documentary to be shown later this year. Flo’s glamorous new single is also out today.The roaring 1920sWhich shows the star power of the artist RADAR.

Flo’s long-standing musical aspirations were fueled by an R&B TV show 106 & Parc and the work of Nicki Minaj. These prompted Flo to record her own songs as a high school student. His first two, “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party”, went viral among Gen Z members on social media and saw Flo release her first mixtape, Ho, why are you here? in 2020. He has now seen more 192 millions streams on Spotify.

“Since the release of ‘Beef FloMix’ on Spotify in 2019, we have watched the exponential growth of Flo Milli with enthusiasm,” says Ned Monahan, Head of Global Success at Spotify. “Her magnetism is unmistakable, and she is one of the most exciting new rappers in the game right now. We’re excited to partner with Flo as the next RADAR artist and can’t wait to see more. “

For memory spoke with Flo about her inspirations, accomplishments, and recommendations for young women looking to do what they love.

Your music and your fashion have been compared to that of the rappers of the 90s. And this decade excites or inspires you?

I think it’s interesting. Over the course of my career, I started to discover what the times were like back then. I of course did not grow up at that time. But I see music videos all the time from the 90s and how the music industry was just different. And I admire him because I think it’s cool to see how much everything has changed and how social media plays a big role in the music industry today. But I wouldn’t mind going back to that time either.

Over the past two years, female artists have sung shamelessly about money or wealth in their songs, examples including Cardi B, Arianna Grande, and you. Why do you think it’s important to bring this topic into the conversation?

I believe whatever you put in the universe, that’s what you’re going to get. So if you talk about these things, you bring them up. Who doesn’t want to live a lavish lifestyle, especially when you come from nothing?

Those things are power, and I think it’s important to make a habit of talking about the things we want and letting everyone know, especially young girls, that they can have these things. You can achieve your goals and you can be great. You can get whatever you want if you think about it.

Tell us a bit about your creative process.

It took me a long time to really learn my best music making process. It was difficult trying to find my niche. So I like to have fun. I just need to be in a space where I’m alone and have a variety of rhythms. I like to be myself and free and have my own space. This is how I create.

Your single “Beef FloMix” was successful on social media before reaching second spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 in April 2019. What changes have you seen after being on the playlist?

I think my feeds increased even more, of course. I got more fans and just a lot of extra traction to my music and videos, everything. So I think it helped a lot. It’s great to be put on these playlists because a lot of young people like the rest of course have Spotify and they listen on the app, and these playlists influence them.

What would you say to young aspiring rappers who don’t know where to start?

I encourage them to always follow what is important to them. Don’t let anyone get in between your opinions about your craft and what you create and build. Stick to what you think is cool because only you know what’s good. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests and never give up.

It is a unique moment for everyone. How did you stay positive despite everything the year has thrown at us?

I’ve just started to learn how food can affect you and your mood. I also fell asleep saying positive affirmations. There are hella videos where you can just play them while you go to sleep. And as all of these affirmations enter your subconscious mind. And before you know it, you’re going to have all of these affirmations in your head. I encourage everyone to do this with everything that is going on in the world.

What are you looking forward to as Spotify’s current US RADAR artist?

I can’t wait for my hard work to be showcased. My goal is to get the messages across the songs in the best way and to keep the ball rolling all year round.

Play Flo Milli’s mixtape, Ho, why are you here? below.

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