Megalodon tooth discovered by girl: “What a find”

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Created: 01/14/2023, 06:18 am

Von: Sandra Barbara Furtner


A nine-year-old girl goes fossil-hunting and finds a tooth from an ancient shark on a Maryland beach. She probably makes the coolest discovery of her life.

Nine-year-old Molly Sampson lives with her family near the Chesapeake Bay in the US state of Maryland. As so often, she is also on the Christmas holidays am Strand from Calvert Beach to look for extraordinary things. When she leaves the house in the morning, she says goodbye to her mother with the words: “I want to look for Meg”, and when she comes home she proudly holds a five-inch tooth in her hands. From one up to 20 meters long Fischwho lived more than 2.6 million years ago.

“What a find”: girl discovers twelve centimeter long megalodon tooth on the beach

The Megafund does it in knee-deep water. To be able to wade in them, the girl asked for waterproof waders especially for Christmas. When she realizes what she has discovered, she starts screaming with excitement. “It’s something she’s always wanted to find,” her mother tells me Daily Mail. Ever since Molly could walk, she’s been looking for shark teeth, but this tooth is one Carcharodon megalodon is her greatest treasure so far.

“What a Find”: Megalodon Tooth is coming to the Calvert Marine Museum

They bring the huge tooth to the Calvert Marine Museum. The authenticity is also confirmed here. And the museum’s curator describes it as “a once-in-a-lifetime find.” Although Molly has now given the tooth to the paleontology department, she can always admire it there. With their extraordinary discovery Molly wants to inspire other young people to explore nature and its surroundings while showing how much fun such an adventure can be.

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The followers on Facebook are enthusiastic about the young girl and congratulate her on her extraordinary treasure. Here is a selection of the comments.

  • “What a smart and talented young woman!”
  • “Molly, this is really amazing! Keep following your heart. I wish you all the best on your path to becoming a paleontologist!”
  • “How fantastic! Congratulations, Molly!”
  • “What a great find.”
  • “99.9999999% of us will never make such a discovery. So awesome! Congratulation!”
  • “It is my heart’s desire, a megalodon tooth like this! I only found one that was split down the middle. Congratulations!”
  • “Just imagine how big that shark was!”

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