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The Spanish bicycle manufacturer Megamo, based in Girona, has added to its catalog a new electric bicycle, intended for the practice of routes beyond the roads. Gravel bikes are gradually becoming a very logical option for those who are looking for something more than going out to the country or the road and want a bike that adapts to all terrains. In that direction is the new Megamo Kansas, an electric gravel bike that offers everything you need to practice this type of cycling: functionality and, of course, autonomy.

Megamo has built the Kansas from a aluminum frame to which you have added a carbon fork. It has a generous wheel arch as it supports different sizes, from 650bx47 and 700cx37 to 700cx50, with Wtb Riddler tires with flat tread and studs that allow you to roll on trails with enough agility. For easy access, the top bar offers a little drop, which increases comfort on any type of terrain. All the wiring for components such as brakes or gear is routed inside the tubes, allowing Megamo to present the bike with a clean look.

Some extra anchor points have been placed on the frame so that it is possible to add bags that allow you to transport everything you need on long trips. Specifically, four holes have been made in the upper tube for mounting an elongated bag.

The Megamo Kansas frame is made of aluminum, with a carbon fork.

The electric assistance system It is made up of a central engine, located on the bottom bracket hub that integrates a capable torque sensor to regulate the power that is delivered according to the cyclist’s demand almost instantaneously. According to Megamo, a helical gear system and “chosen” materials ensure a quiet pedaling that allows you to enjoy the slopes and trails with peace of mind. The maximum power it offers is 250 W, so that it will be considered as a conventional bicycle (in line with the European regulation for EPAC vehicles) and does not require approvals or insurance to circulate. The maximum torque it is capable of delivering is 65 Nm, which is a very balanced figure in the segment to which it is directed. In total the engine weighs 2.5 kilograms and its position allows the center of gravity to drop and offers proper handling on mountain routes.

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Its efficiency is higher than 80%, a remarkable figure when the 25 km/h, and the assistance is cut off, also providing a natural pedaling in this case. It is also able to withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions thanks to the protective side covers. In addition, the base of the motor is protected by a very resistant aluminum casing.

motor battery Megamo kansas electric bicycle gravel

The components are adapted to the gravel bike typology of the Megamo Kansas.

The battery that feeds it is fully integrated into the inclined tube. It has a capacity of 504 Wh, with which Megamo assures that “it will allow you to enjoy the longest routes”, although it does not venture an approximate autonomy neither in hours nor in kilometers. To be able to recharge it in any domestic socket, it has an extraction system that incorporates a security device using an anti-theft key.

From the handlebar it is located an LCD screen from which the cyclist receives all the information he needs about the bicycle and the route: kilometers traveled, instantaneous and average speed, level of assistance and battery capacity. The unit is powered by the torque sensor located on the bottom bracket and the speed sensor. It has five levels of assistance that allow adjusting the engine power to each situation. In addition, it has an electric assistance up to 4 km / h that allows you to overcome ramps and obstacles.

handlebar screen Megamo kansas electric bike gravel

LCD screen of the MEgamo Kansas, from which the cyclist receives all the information he needs about the bicycle and the route.

The change is a SRAM Apex 1 which also includes the hydraulically actuated disc brakes. It is made up of a single 40 tooth chainring and specially designed for gravel bikes. The sprockets are adapted to road cycling with an 11 / 42t cassette (11 speeds and 42 teeth on the largest sprocket), which allows pedaling to be adapted to any terrain, including the steepest slopes.

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The rest of the peripheral components such as the handlebar, the stem, the seat or the seatpost are from the brand itself, with the aim of achieving a more adjusted price. Why Megamo sell this electric bike for 2,499 euros, which in its context, with the electrical system and components included, is a very interesting price.


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