Meghan and Harry found companies in the tax haven of Delaware: What’s behind it?

Again Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan are in the headlines. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” exclusively revealed, that the two renegade royals continue to expand their network – with mysterious companies in the tax haven Delaware! Where tens of thousands of letterbox companies are based, the California-based royals want to do lucrative business.

Meghan’s longtime lawyer hired for company formation

Things are not going well with the “Archewell” foundation at the moment (heavy losses are imminent). But the ducal couple wants to continue fighting for attention and, of course, earn money. Since April 2020, Meghan’s lawyer and business manager Richard Genow has founded eleven companies and a trust for the two. Among them is a company that rakes in millions with Harry’s book deal.

Explosive Biography: The Palace was unaware of Harry’s intentions

It is still unclear when the intimate biography will appear – probably in autumn 2022. The prince is said to have received at least $ 20 million in advance for his work, more details about the deal are not known. Harry announced he would donate proceeds from it. But the prince keeps quiet about the seven-figure fee.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan can stay with Prince Charles when they return to the UK.

Invitation from Prince Charles: Will Meghan and Harry visit him?


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Princess Caroline of Hanover will be 65 on January 23, 2022 - and stays away from the limelight as she has for a long time.Princess Caroline of Hanover will be 65 on January 23, 2022 - and stays away from the limelight as she has for a long time.

No Spotlight for Caroline of Monaco: Why Does She Hardly Perform…


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The company names all have a personal meaning for Harry and Meghan. One company is called “Peca” (Spanish for “freckles”), another “Orinoco”. This is a South American river. The couple went there on a wickedly expensive “Babymoon” trip in 2019.

PR criticism: Harry is a rabbit in the spotlight

The media-effective behavior of Harry and Meghan is also criticized. In 2019, Charles’ son announced that he wanted more privacy through Megxit. But PR consultant Richard Hillgrove can only laugh about that today. He tells the “Express”: “Unfortunately, Harry is like a rabbit in the headlights and is caught up by it.” He continued: “The funniest thing he said in the ITV interview was that he’s retiring from royal life because he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.”

Megxit’s desire for more privacy amuses PR consultants

Harry and Meghan are always looking for the attention of the media and the public themselves. Both appeared on several US broadcasts and shows. PR expert Hillgrove: “Harry has a sense of importance and power, but when the puppeteers in America who run the Harry and Meghan show realize they can’t get much more out of them, they will leave and he will will be on the sidelines. I’m really sorry for Harry.”

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