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Synopsis (blurb): After a heavy blow of fate, Ivy’s marriage falls apart and she no longer believes in love. Physically and emotionally marked, she loses herself in her work and closes her heart. It’s only when the stress leads to a breakdown that she takes a much-needed break and moves to a small town in beautiful southern Alaska.

Between the harsh wilderness, mountains and forests of Tikatna, Ivy feels unexpectedly comfortable and, for the first time in a long time, begins to contemplate a happier future. While she gradually finds herself, she repeatedly encounters the taciturn pilot Jack, who, despite his hard shell, gets under her skin. But Ivy doesn’t feel ready for a new love and Jack hides behind a wall of silence and secrets. Can both of them heal the scars of the past and open up to love once more?

Conclusion: Really nice audio book, with a pinch of romance for in between. You can really lose yourself in the story and you immediately grow fond of the protagonists. You can really empathize and empathize with the people.

I really enjoyed the story and have nothing to complain about. Very nice 🙂

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