Men beat pensioners to death in wheelchairs to steal 100 euros

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Men beat pensioners to death in wheelchairs to steal 100 euros

Birmingham (England) – Two young men out England now faces life imprisonment after becoming a retiree beaten to death have – to steal 100 euros from him.

Ian Knowles (20, left) and Ismaila Mohamed (20, right) are now facing life imprisonment. © West Midlands Police

On December 10, 2018, Robert Morrison (69) had just arrived home from a bar visit when suddenly two men broke into his apartment and beat him in a horrific way.

Like the British tabloid magazine Daily Mail reported, the perpetrators were Ian Knowles, 20, and Ismaila Mohamed, 20, who followed him on the way to his house.

After the horrific deed, they stole the 69-year-old’s credit card, which she later used for the whole 110 Euro withdrew from his bank account and took a cell phone and jewelry.

The pensioner died shortly afterwards of pneumonia

The next day, Morrison was hospitalized with significant bruises and three broken ribs.

Although he was released the same day, his neighbor alerted the police shortly afterwards because he was worried about him.

The elderly man was immediately taken back to a clinic, where he unfortunately died only a few days later.

A forensic autopsy revealed that he was one lung infection succumbed, which he had contracted as a result of the broken ribs.

Mohamed and Knowles were found guilty

Fortunately, the 20-year-olds were quickly located and found guilty after a four-week trial.

The West Midland Police Department Chief Detective Tested in court: “Mr. Morrison was a frail man … It must have been obvious to both of them that he could not fight back. Nevertheless, they attacked him.”

On January 22, the men will be convicted in the Birmingham Crown Court. For this unscrupulous crime they face life imprisonment.

Titelfoto: West Midlands Police

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