Messi would already have defined his future in Europe

After becoming world champion and being chosen as the best player of the Qatar World Cup 2022, Lionel Messi He returned to the country and arrived in Rosario on December 20. The star traveled by helicopter from the Rosario airport to the neighborhood where he spent vacations and parties with his family.

The idol of the Argentine National Team received a book in which the neighbors thanked him for representing the Albiceleste. In addition, they welcomed “his place in the world”.

Juan Felix Rossetti, administrator of the Kentucky Country Club, said that the administration delivered the notebook through his family environment, according to the news outlet EFE.

“Hello Leo! It is with great joy that we welcome you to Kentucky, our place in the world that is, perhaps, also yours. Receive this book that reflects the feelings of our neighbors, and that we hope constitutes a pleasant memory of the importance you have for this community”, they wrote in the foreword.

“Thank you for your valuable effort and dedication to sports, and for so gloriously representing our beloved nation in the world. Thank you for your talent and discipline, for wearing an exemplary Argentine shirt, for making us feel swollen with pride. Congratulations Leo! To you and the whole team! A warm welcome hug for your beautiful family”, detailed at the end.

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