Mexican company seeks investment for land in the EU

Given the rise in interest rates in the United States and the slowdown in real estate developments due to a possible recession, a Mexican company is looking for investors to acquire land banks in the neighboring country, with the aim of anticipating the upturn in the real estate.

Is about Chapter Real Estatea real estate development and investment firm that since 2003 has acquired and developed residential, commercial and office assets in the United States and Latin America for a total value of 600 million dollars.

Currently looking for investors to form a fund 50 million dollarsin order to acquire land in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Texas.

Enrique Manzanilla, President and CEO of Chapter Real Estateexplained that the plan is to acquire land to incorporate all the services, and once the real estate cycle picks up again, be ready to offer spaces.

“Due to the rise in interest rates and the slowdown in the housing business, many people are investing in rental properties, which is the most conservative investment, but when the housing cycle returns and land with all services is in demand to build, we are going to be ready”, he commented.

He assured that the states where they are interested in acquiring land have growth potential.

In Texas, the cities of Austin and Houston will be the recipients of investments for the manufacture of semiconductors and this creates an ecosystem in the area of ​​technology that will demand housing and real estate infrastructure.

In Dallas, the financial sector is strong, added Manzanilla, as well as other businesses related to the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC).

Chapter Real Estate highlighted that the treaty to avoid double taxation that Mexico has with the United States benefits Mexicans who want to invest in that country.

Regarding the opportunities to purchase land in Mexico, the president of Chapter Real Estate commented that, for the moment, the company is not interested in acquiring land banks in the country, unless it is in dollarized areas such as Los Cabos, Nayarit or the Riviera Maya.

The main advantage that the company sees in the US market is that economic crises or recessions last 18 to 24 months, while in Mexico or Latin America these phases of the cycle are longer.

to invest with Chapter Real Estate a minimum amount of $500,000 is required, and the company promises a 15% annual rate of return on investment. Last year, the company invested in the development of three luxury residential units in Bruce Park, the largest public park in Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as in the acquisition and restructuring of some hotel assets in Tampa y Jacksonville, Florida.

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