Mica Viciconte fingered Nicole Neumann with a photo of her daughter

It is known that one of the biggest rivalries existing in recent times in the world of show business and entertainment is the cross between Nicole Neumannex-wife of Fabian Bean Cuberoy Little Viscount, the current partner of the former soccer player. However, after several crosses, crossed opinions and thick ammunition, it seems that everything had calmed down, although a photo of the panelist can infuriate the model.

Let’s remember that after the divorce of the blonde and the former captain of Vélez, the conflicts began, which worsened even more when it became known that shortly after the breakup he became a boyfriend with Viciconte. The battle culminated in several legal muzzles, and eventually peace seemed to come to life for all involved. Although they never tried to join the trend of large happy families assembled.

The ex-combatant is very active on her social networks, and that is why she shares daily content related to her daily life, her home rituals, and now that she is spending the summer in Mar del Plata, she also shares things related to the beach and her family. Mica enjoys the beach at the Cabolargo resort with Cubero, her son Luca together, and the daughters of the ex-soccer player Sienna, Allegra and Indiana.


Indiana, the daughter of Nicole Neumann and Cubero, taking care of her younger brother

But the panelist shared in her stories a very tender photo of Luca, her little son, sleeping very comfortably in the arms of her sister Indiana, the oldest of the Cubero-Neumanns. Although the photo is super cute and sweet, she may have ended up putting her finger on Nicole’s sore spot, by showing one of her daughters.

In the portrait, Indiana can be seen making up for Luca, who was sleeping peacefully in a green jumpsuit, both protected from the sun under a shade. And as a detail, in addition to captivating the accounts of the baby and the girl, she commented “caregiver”. And then, she uploaded another postcard of a close-up of the baby showing her sleeping.


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