Mica Viciconte shared unpublished photos of the last trip to Mar del Plata with Luca and Fabián Cubero and the daughters of Nicole Neumann

Written in SHOWS the 4/1/2023 · 19:10 hs

As he revealed on his social networks in the last hours, Little Viscount he enjoyed his native Mar del Plata with his family. Ariel’s panelist in her sauce escaped to the Buenos Aires coast with Luca y Fabian Cubero and with the daughters that the ex-soccer player has with Nicole Neumann. It should be remembered that Indiana, Allegra y Sienna Cubero they welcomed the new year with them.

In the unpublished photographs that she uploaded to Instagram, she is seen as a buddy with the girls, with whom she spends a lot of time and shares talks and good times on a daily basis.

In the pictures you can also see them Indiana, Allegra y Sienna Cubero resting outdoors and having a great time. Obviously the three of them took turns playing and carrying upa a Luca Cubero, the smallest and most pampered of the family. And they sunbathed, took a nap outdoors and even trained with Micaela in the gym.

What a nice little trip!

These are some of the photos that Mica Viciconte shared:

In the meantime, Nicole Neumann she is in Punta del Este with her boyfriend Manu Urcera. After celebrating Christmas in Río Negro, the couple traveled to Punta del Este, where they fully enjoy their love and spend time alone.

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