Mikaël Mittelstadt almost did not play Greg in Here it all begins on TF1, he says

Fans ofHere it all begins, and more particularly inconsolable fans since Greg’s departure for Japan, know that its interpreter, Mikael Mittelstadt, got her role in an unconventional way! Unlike his partners, the actor, who decided to move away from the Institut Auguste Armand to focus on other projects, did not pass a casting. In any case, not in the traditional sense, as he revealed during a documentary devoted to the soap opera and broadcast on Saturday January 7 on TF1. Explanations.

“I had never done that in my life”, tells the actor about his trials

Landing the role of Greg was no small feat for Mikael Mittelstadt, present since the first episode in April 2020. “Very often, when we cast, we meet the actors at the tests”, begins Peggy Pasquerault, the casting director in the documentary Here it all starts: the secrets of successavailable south Salto. “Sometimes it’s not possible but we really want to see them so we ask them to make “self tape” [des auto-enregistrements, ndlr]. Mikael Mittelstadt sent us one because he was training in New York.”

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And the interpreter of Greg, expected at the casting of fiction on Brigitte Bardot, to tell the sequel. “Three months later, my agent calls me and says: “There is a call back [une deuxième audition, ndlr]. Can you come ?” I tell him it’s a bit hot because Covid, quarantine, confinement…, recount Mikael Mittelstadt Me, I’m in Brooklyn, in my apartment, I’m not going to take the risk of getting stuck there for a call back. So I made a video call back. I had never done that in my life.”

I thought it was a joke“, on learning that he had the role!

An original casting therefore but above all successful for the actor. “When I was told it worked, I was in the backwoods of Maryland in the United States, remember Mikael Mittelstadt. I thought it was a joke. I was very happy and terrified too. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I have all my stuff still there. I had to buy some underpants here”, concludes jokingly the actor seen in The Fighters.

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