Military Commissar of the Gubkinsky City District Vitaly Pishchalchenko congratulated on the New Year

Military Commissar of the Gubkinsky City Circle Vitaly Pishchalchenko congratulated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He wished health, success and happiness.

“Comrade military personnel, dear relatives and friends of the defenders of the Fatherland! On behalf of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf, please accept the warmest and most sincere congratulations on the coming New Year and Merry Christmas! I would like to express my special gratitude to everyone who rose to the call of the Motherland and, at the behest of the heart, to defend their native country, who on this family holiday is at a military post, who, on the distant steps to our home, protects its peace, peace and warmth. You are a worthy example for the younger generation, for our girls and boys,” the commissioner said.

On the doorstep 2023 year. May it become a time of good luck and accomplishments.

“On this New Year’s Eve, I want to wish you strength of mind, prosperity, courage and patience. I express warm wishes to your families for the support and support, love and patience, which are so necessary in our profession. Dear relatives and friends of all those who perform the tasks of protecting and securing our native land, may the coming year be bright for you, filled with goodness and happiness, health to you, prosperity and a peaceful sky. May peace, warmth, mutual understanding, joy, happiness and love always reign in your home. I wish you all the fulfillment of desires made under the chimes, peace, health, inexhaustible energy and new successes, and may faith in the best never leave you, victory will be ours,” Vitaly Pishchalchenko wished.

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