Milwaukee Bucks gana a New York Knicks (107-111)

Milwaukee Bucks managed to beat New York Knicks as a visitor by 107-111 in a new day of the NBA. In the previous day, the New York Knicks players achieved the victory at home against Toronto Raptors by 108-112. For their part, the Milwaukee Bucks lost at home with Charlotte Hornets by 109-138. Milwaukee Buckswith this result, he remains with one of the access places to the Play-offs with 25 victories in 39 games played, while New York KnicksAfter the game, he would remain out of the Play-off positions for the moment with 22 games won out of 40 played.

The first quarter had several movements on the scoreboard, in fact, the visitors got a 10-2 run during the quarter and ended 22-22. Later, during the second quarter there were also alternations in the electronics until concluding with a partial result of 29-24. After this, the teams reached the break with a 51-46 on the counter.

During the third quarter, the players from New York Knicks they managed to maintain their difference in the light until finishing with a partial result of 27-27 and 78-73 of total. Finally, during the last quarter there were again several movements on the scoreboard and the quarter ended with a partial result of 29-38. After all this, the match ended with a final score of 107-111 for the visitors.

During the match, Milwaukee Bucks took the victory thanks to the 22 points, five assists and 10 rebounds of Giannis Antetokounmpo and the 17 points, two assists and seven rebounds of Brook Lopez. The 44 points, four assists and seven rebounds of Jalen Brunson and the 25 points, five assists and 16 rebounds of Julius Randle were not enough for New York Knicks could win the game.

On the next day of the NBA, New York Knicks will measure their forces with Indiana Pacers in it Madison Square Garden. For his part, Milwaukee Bucks will face Atlanta Hawks in it State Farm Arena.

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