Mini ‘Lady Dior’, the bag worn by Princess Diana returns to the French firm – Eme – 11/26/2022

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Christian Dior recently surprised with the announcement of the reissue of the unforgettable bag mini ‘Lady Dior‘, used by the Princess Diana at the Met Gala in 1996. The bag of the Dior which was originally called ‘chouchou’, was one of the favorite accessories of Lady Di.

Such was the pleasure of Diana of Wales for the bag that in honor of her the company decided to change the name of the model ‘chouchou’. The Princess first acquired her elegant accessory during a trip to Paris in 1995, when the then First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, presented her first mini ‘Lady Dior’ of hers.

According to “Vogue,” the iconic Dior bagwhich is still so beloved to this day, was designed especially for Diana thanks to the request of Bernadette, wife of Jacques Chirac.

The ‘Lady Dior’ had a pair of handles at the top and small yellow gold metal details, its quilted and black leather design inspired by the upholstery of Emperor Napoleon III’s chairs. While the logo of the firm was written on two small hanging charms. Since the then Princess of Wales received the elegant accessory, the bag became her best ally, taking it to official events in England, Argentina and Birmingham.

The occasions when ‘Lady Di’ used her Dior bag

Lady Di wore the Dior bag on many occasions, so she bought many more of them at Harrods during her visit to London, it really became her favourite! Once she divorced from then Prince carlos (now King) In 1996, Diana of Wales had much more freedom in her clothing and was able to visit sophisticated fashion houses. Some time after her split, she was seen pairing her bag with a tangerine Versace suit on her visit to Liverpool.

The biggest impact of the mini ‘Lady Dior’ happened in 1996, during the Met Gala that recognized the work of Christian Dior. For the event Diana Spencer She wore an iconic blue satin gown with lace straps and an embroidered neckline, accompanied by diamond and sapphire earrings and bracelets, and her signature multi-pearl necklace. Undoubtedly the first couture design by John Galliano for the signature, made her shine that night.

The return of ‘Lady Dior’

Currently, the new version of the unforgettable ‘Lady Dior’ bag is already available for purchase at a price of 5 thousand euros, the bad news is that there are only 200 pieces available. Luckily, the firm has other models that have the i as a reference.unforgettable Lady Di bag.

According to Dior, “Maria Grazia Chiuri (creative director) reinterprets the architectural lines of Lady Dior in new colors and formats for the Dior Fall 2022 collection“; in which there are new models such as: Lady Dior All Over Stud, Lady Dior Vetchr, Lady D-Lite y Lady D-Joy.

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