Ministry of Culture opens call for the School of Entrepreneurs Colombia

There will be 60 places available for those who want to strengthen or launch their entrepreneurial idea. Credits: Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture has announced that until next January 13, cultural managers and artists will be able to participate in the call to be part of the School of Entrepreneurs Colombia in 2023. The project aims to promote the development of the creative economy of this part of the country in the different artistic spheres.

The call is especially oriented to artists, cultural managers and educators located in the archipelago, thanks to the alliance created between the Ministry of Culture, the University of Iowa and the Embassy of the United States.

Regarding the content of the call, it includes tutorials and a training process in relation to the application of business models to cultural ventures. Among them, projects from the music sector will be highlighted, as well as those ventures that revolve around cultural tourism in San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

To participate in the call, interested parties must enter the website of the culture Ministrywhere you will find a registration form in which personal data, location information, contact information, among others, must be filled out.

The program is expected to train 60 cultural entrepreneurs located in the archipelago through virtual and face-to-face training, so that, in this way, they can either develop their entrepreneurial ideas or can strengthen a project that they have already started and contribute to its growth. At the end of the process, the entrepreneurs will receive a certificate issued by the University of Iowa.

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On the other hand, it is important to take into account that this part of the country enjoys a solid cultural identity, which has been represented by the Raizal population and has its own language, history and roots. In this way, it became one of the objective points of the project, with which it will be possible to conserve and preserve a large number of cultural manifestations of the natives.

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Knowledge, has announced that with this program, it also seeks recognize the traditions and cultural heritage of the raizal community that highlight the legacy of the territory.

The program is carried out within the framework of the National Music Plan for Coexistence – PNMC, supported by the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the Plan is to strengthen the processes of social appropriation and the recovery of musical wealth to guarantee the population the knowledge, practice and enjoyment of the musical works of this area of ​​the country.

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To achieve this, in addition to projects such as the Escuela de Emprendedores Colombia in this edition, it promotes the construction of music schools in different parts of Colombian territory, promoting music education for children and youth, as well as the professionalization of musical performers. , the organization of communities and the updating of knowledge.

It is expected that the National Plan for Music for Coexistence will continue to expand its work through training components, the delivery of materials and musical instruments to the population, strengthening entrepreneurship processes, circulation of projects, project management, and cultural research. of the musical environment in Colombia.

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