Minval.az – Tornado kills nine people in southeastern US

A series of devastating tornadoes hit the southeastern United States. In the states of Alabama and Georgia, at least nine people, including a child, died as a result of a natural disaster. Tens of thousands were left without electricity.

A series of devastating tornadoes hit the southeastern United States. As of Saturday morning, January 14 (CET), news outlets are reporting nine deaths in Alabama and Georgia. Thousands of people were left without electricity. Rescue services continue to search for victims, so the death toll may increase.

In just one day on January 12, the US National Weather Service recorded more than 35 tornadoes and severe storms in the region. The most powerful blow of the elements fell on the central counties of Alabama. Here, the wind, which reached speeds of 220 km per hour, tore off the roofs of houses and felled trees, which led to breaks in power lines. In Otoga County, with a population of about 60,000, seven people are known to have died and 12 injured. As of Friday evening, about 15 thousand people remained without electricity in the state.

Tornadoes also affected the neighboring states of Georgia and Mississippi. In Butts County, Georgia, a five-year-old child died when a tree fell on a car. The adult driver of the car was taken to the hospital in critical condition. In the same district, a freight train derailed due to strong winds.

Increasing tornadoes linked to global warming
In recent years, devastating tornadoes have become more frequent in the United States. So, in September last year, Hurricane Ian, which passed along the southeastern coast of the country, killed almost 80 people.

United States President Joe Biden considers the increase in natural disasters to be a consequence of global climate change. The American leader made the fight against him one of the priorities of his policy. In August 2021, he signed a bill involving multi-billion investment in climate protection.

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