Miras Zhugunusov is persecuted by supporters of abortion

Singer Miras ZHUGUNUSOV faced a real wave of comments in social networks from girls who were dissatisfied with his position against abortion. Earlier, the musician shot a video on the relevant topic, according to Express K.

Miras ZHUGUNUSOV in the video also shamed the guys who leave their pregnant girlfriends.

He compared the fetus in the woman’s stomach to a butterfly. The entire fate of the heroine of the clip flies by in an instant, and all these are happy moments while her child is growing. And she is always surrounded by comfort and love of loved ones. In another alternate gray reality, everything ends up in the doctor’s office.

The video got over a million views in two months. Later, in a podcast with Kanat BEYSEKEEV, the singer made a strong statement against abortion.

I consider it dishonest not to have a child and decide for him. How many times they wrote to me in the comments: I wanted to have an abortion, but gave birth, and from this only happiness,

the singer said.

Miras ZHUGUNUSOV reminded that abortion is a serious sin from the point of view of religion. And he said that the child is a gift from the Almighty.

However, the more popular the clip became, the more comments on the singer’s social networks were left by those who disagreed with his point of view. One of the girls demanded that Miras take care of three or four mothers with children. But there were even more outright insults. The commentators are also demanding that the singer retract his anti-abortion stance and apologize.

In fairness, the comments under the clip are dominated by those who support his point of view.

“15 years ago, the father of the child brought me to the office. He said to choose: he or the child. I chose the child. I have a cool son, smart and handsome, kind, and, most importantly, he is my friend, my adviser, my pride. He Asian, European and world champion. And you know, it all depends on one decision alone … It was difficult, but I never regretted it. When I left the office, I realized that I would never be alone again, I have someone whose heart was beating in me along with mine, “- written by Kazakhstani Roza TAUBAYEVA.

“I’m sorry about your husband.” Miras Zhugunusov refused to kidnap someone else’s bride.

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