Miss Honey and 9 other most inspiring film and TV teachers

When we ask ourselves what makes a good teacher, qualities such as communication skills, patience and empathy are often mentioned the most – there is no doubt that a good teacher inspires, motivates and encourages students with their adaptability and creativity. For this reason, the bond between a teacher and their students can be extremely close, and movies and TV shows have portrayed it successfully over the years.

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To celebrate all of the on-screen tutors who have positively influenced not only the characters who inhabit their fictional world, but also viewers around the world, it’s worth recognizing some remarkable fan-favorite teachers we wish were ours, from Miss Honey to Sister Mary Clarence.

Miss Honey – Films ‘Matilda’ (1996 & 2022)

Lashana Lynch is the new Miss Honey of Matilda the musical by Roald Dahl, the adaptation of the award-winning musical Tony and Olivier which is now streaming on Netflix. Although Lynch wonderfully brought the character to life in the last film, Miss Honey was already a very popular teacher in the first film she appeared in.

Kind, respectful, and wonderful at sharing knowledge with others, Matilda’s mentor is undoubtedly one of the most memorable on-screen teachers. Miss Honey deserves recognition for her patience and determination, which leads her to be one of the most effective teachers.

Erin Gruwell – “Freedom Writers” (2007)

Based on the true story from the book The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teenagers Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them, Freedom Writers revolves around one of the most inspiring young teachers. Hilary Swank put yourself in the shoes of real life Erin Gruwellan idealistic teacher who believes that all students deserve the same opportunities.

Always encouraging at-risk students to reconsider many things, including day-to-day actions and how they see themselves and others, Miss Erin is surely one of the most remarkable mentors on screen (and in life). actual).

Minerva McGonagall – La franchise “Harry Potter”

One of the most beloved Harry Potter teachers is Maggie Smiththe iconic Minerva McGonagall. Besides being able to transform into a cat, which is an extremely cool fact in itself, Minerva certainly knows how to put bullies in their place.

While she may not be the most loving teacher of all, McGonagall is never afraid to tell it like it is and is certainly one of the most righteous figures in the franchise. Always concerned about the well-being of her students, this absolute boss will not tolerate slander and is ready to protect her school at all costs.

Charles Xavier – The ‘X-Men’ franchise

Patrick Stuart et James mcavoy‘s Charles Xavier have a huge role in the X Men movies. One of the most respected and powerful leaders in the Marvel Universe, Professor X is also incredibly knowledgeable and contemplative, traits that set him apart as a teacher.

Although Charles is far from a perfect character (and has done his share of questionable things), this beloved teacher shows how much he cares about his students by helping them identify their skills and abilities. , ultimately encouraging each student to always be the most true, most authentic self.

John Keating – “Dead Poets Society” (1989)

Dead Poets Society is a deep and thought-provoking film about a charming and energetic English teacher who is wonderfully brought to life by the late Robin Williams. Highly effective in the way he manages his students, Keating is one of the many inspiring mentors we wish we had.

With an unusual but deeply intriguing style of teaching that generally went against the conventions of the time, this Dead Poets Society tutor has managed to make his students fall in love with learning, including many art forms. Besides being an excellent teacher of fiction, Keating is easily one of the most memorable characters of all time.

Rubeus Hagrid – The “Harry Potter” franchise

Always the one who charms viewers with his friendly and caring personality, late Robbie Coltranelegendary character of the wizarding world of Harry Potter has, over the years, stolen heaps of hearts with her infectious love for magical creatures and overwhelmingly compassionate nature.

Although, frankly, Hagrid has the potential to become an even better teacher than he was, there’s so much joy in the way he shows off his creatures to his students. Even though he didn’t have the qualifications, his passion for his subject was very evident.

Muriel Stacy – ‘Anne with an E’ (2017 – 2019)

There are many good things about Anne with an Eand teacher Muriel Stacy (Joanna Douglas) is definitely one of them. First appearing in the ninth episode of the second season, Miss Stacy wows viewers with her carefree, laid-back attitude and undeniable charm and elegance.

An important character throughout, this very modern and ahead of her time teacher is very creative and brilliant. Yet what makes Muriel excel in her job is the way she cares about all of her students, making sure they all benefit from her knowledge by developing exciting new teaching methods.

M. Miyagi – ‘Karate Kid’ (1984)

Although he is not a teacher in the academic sense of the word, Lit Moritais Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid is undoubtedly an extremely influential figure in Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) life. The mentor we all wish we had, Mr. Miyagi taught Larusso valuable life and martial arts lessons.

Wise and reserved, this low-key karate master who frequently stresses the importance of peace and quiet goes down in history as one of the most memorable fictional tutors.

M. Feeny – ‘Boy Meets World’ (1993 – 2000)

boy meets the worldis Mr. Feeny, played by Guillaume Danielswas Cory (Ben Savage) sixth grade teacher. Surely, the beloved character is extremely good in his field; Mr. Feeny not only teaches valuable academic lessons, but also memorable life lessons, including those about love, life and friendship.

Daniels’ Fenny played a huge part in the show, and positively influencing the lives of her students throughout was one of them. There’s no doubt that this unforgettable teacher is a fan favorite.

Sister Mary Clarence – ‘Sister Act’ (1992)

sister act present to viewers Whoopi Goldbergit is Sister Mary Clarence, a music teacher at an urban Catholic school, is about to teach students how to harmonize at the University of Notre Dame in Maryland. And there are plenty of reasons why it fits the bill.

Besides being truly creative and confident, Sister Mary Clarence is often seen as inspiring and encouraging to her students. but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold them accountable when she needs to. Besides attunement, she teaches them important lessons about morals and behavior.

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