Miss Thailand decorated as Miss Social Impact

In Louisiana, New Orleans, United States The 71st edition of the most important beauty pageant in the world was held: Miss Universewhere the beautiful coffee model Maria Fernanda Aristizabal She was in charge of wearing the crown on behalf of Colombia, showing with her beauty, charisma and intelligence, why she deserved to be consecrated as the sovereign of the universe.

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Too bad, she didn’t manage to be listed in the top 5 beauty sovereigns, despite being one of the global favourites. Those who did have that quota were the representatives of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Venezuela and Curaçao, where in the end, it was the American candidate, who ended up becoming the highest sovereign of world beauty.

However, who was also awarded during the gala was the beautiful representative of Thailand Anna Suengam who brought to the catwalks not only her talent, beauty and charisma, but also an inspiring life story with which she impacted nations.

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Miss Thailand was decorated for her social impact

Although behind all the candidates are hidden beautiful stories and above all causes for which they work every day, Anna’s life drew particular attention because of everything she has experienced since she was little. As she told it, since she was little she grew up in a loving but very humble home, where her father dedicated herself to recycling to give them a livelihood and her mother to sweep the streets.

Although these are tasks that taught her to be environmentally conscious and to have many values ​​at home, there were those who mocked her origins, to the point of calling her “The Miss of the garbage.” Contrary to what many expected of her, this did not make her feel self-conscious about her, but on the contrary, it motivated her to give a message that had a social impact.

As part of her mission to carry her roots high, Miss wore a dress made of recyclable material to the preliminary gala, where with a very elegant design and beverage cans, she stole the applause of millions globally. It is for this reason that the recognition made by the owner of the contest Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, aroused the contentment of the spectators.

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